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  • Win Win

    By Michael Moore | June 27, 2008

    Most of us are competitive to some degree, and in sports being competitive is important if the desired outcome is to defeat your opponent. In the working environment, the need for one person to win and another to loose can produce undesirable results. For example, an associate needs to make additional income so he develops a plan to work slower and produce less which forces the need for overtime. This overtime adds additional cost to the product but it is necessary in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Here is an example of Win Lose. The associate wins his additional income, but the employer loses net income with a higher cost of goods sold. What if the associate develops a cost savings plan and presents it to his employer. In his plan he outlines a process that will save the company money. In the event his plan can produce measurable cost saving results, he would receive an increase in his pay. Here we have an example of Win Win. The associate wins additional income and the employer wins additional net income having a lower cost of operating his business. Long term relationships must be based on Win Win. The Win Lose scenario will not last; people eventually cut their losses and search for better opportunities.
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    Infectious Behavior

    By Michael Moore | June 24, 2008

    We can have a tremendous impact on those around us, and often they can have the same power over us. I’m talking about how we control our emotions and the effect it has on others. I’m sure you have experienced being in a really good mood and then coming in contact with someone who was quite distraught or in a negative frame of mind and your joy goes in the toilet. Can you think of someone you like to be around because they always seem to lift you up? This kind of person is always in a good mood and sees the positive side of everything. The interesting thing about this person is they choose to be in this positive mental state. It is their choice, it is a decision they make all day every day. Your initial decision to demonstrate positive emotional balance in your life can be easy, but to maintain it you will need to do constant checkups on yourself. A good way to achieve this is to do a little self questioning. As you feel yourself deviating from the positive emotions it is time to ask “how am I feeling?” If you are in a negative emotional position, decide to shift back to your positive self and then focus on your blessings and be grateful for what you have. The interesting thing behind maintaining this positive mental position is it allows you to attract an abundance of positive outcomes in your life. As you become the person who can stay focused on the positive and your presents lifts the spirits of those around you, an amazing transformation will take place in your life.
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    Pennies and Dollars

    By Michael Moore | June 22, 2008

    Early in my working career, I was employed by a gentleman that I believed to be successful and perhaps quite wealthy. He was a man of impeccable character, a sharp dresser and he drove expensive cars. During the time I was in his employment, I recall him saying on several occasions, “Take care of the Pennies and the Dollars take care of themselves”. At the time his tidbit of wisdom didn’t make much sense to me. In fact I was young enough to think it was a ridiculous statement. Why would a man with an abundance of money concern himself with Pennies. Looking back, at that time I could only see who he was and not who he once was. He wasn’t one of those people who were born on third base thinking they hit a triple; in fact he was a self made man. He didn’t start out wealthy; he worked hard to achieve his dreams and financial security. I was to young to understand that when you take care of your Pennies you’re covering all your bases. If you’re working on reducing your debt or just cutting back on your spending, it’s quite amazing to see how the small things add up to become the big things. So, take care of the Pennies and the Dollars will take care of themselves. This tidbit of wisdom can be a great foundation for the accumulation of wealth.
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    By Michael Moore | June 16, 2008

    It’s important that people feel good about themselves, and it’s amazing how much power you have to make that happen. There are incredible benefits when you choose to exercise your power. Telling someone they are doing a good job, their work is important, and what a positive impact they have on the success of a project or business activity, can be the most important moment of their day. It’s like filling their tank with super unleaded. The labor no longer seems like work, their output is increased and the quality of their work improves. Encouragement and recognition is an important part of engaging team members, work associates, and those we have relationships with. While some of us have a natural ability to give praise and encouragement to others, most of us shy away. There may be a tendency in the work environment to think that praising an associate for doing good work might encourage requests for better benefits or additional compensation. This is usually not the case; praise in its self is like additional compensation. You may not be able to spend it, but it fills an important need. In relationships, showing appreciation for another person creates harmony and brings people closer together. Exercise your power and encourage those around you. All will benefit.
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    What People Believe

    By Michael Moore | June 14, 2008

    I never stop analyzing. I analyze everything. I have this continuing question in my head; Why this, why that, and I never stop looking for the answers. Lately I’ve been thinking about “What people believe?” and why! If two people believe differently, then someone must be wrong, or maybe they’re both wrong! So there can be what is exactly right and millions of variations of right, all being wrong. This is not about right or wrong, this is about what you believe. If you believe something, then it is. Our beliefs are rooted deep within who we are and for us to change them is not an easy thing to do. The important thing about what people believe is that they act based on those beliefs. Our actions or lack of actions have a direct correlation to our beliefs. Here are a few statements to think about, what do you believe?
    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There is no such thing as luck, just preparation meeting opportunity. A positive attitude attracts good things and repels the bad things. To be successful you must have a good education. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
    What people believe will effect their actions. Action is a requirement for the achievement of a goal. No action, no achievement. The first step toward change, the achievement of a goal, or reaching your life’s dream begins with action. Wealth and prosperity are the offspring of what you believe and the actions that you take. You will never be able to wish your way to wealth.
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    The Key to Motivation

    By Michael Moore | June 13, 2008

    Have you ever considered what motivates people? I bet you think its money! I will tell you that is not the case. Although money is nice, it is not the motivating factor. The key to motivation is found in two simple principals. The first is “Hope for the future”. If a person has no hope for the future he is not motivated to do anything. He feels that nothing matters, he is disengaged, and his outlook is “what’s the use, it doesn’t matter”. The second thing that motivates people is “Knowing that what they are doing is important”. Their actions really count, they matter, and people are depending on them. If the basic needs are covered, Food, Shelter, and Clothing, then the bonus is, “what I am doing is important and what I contribute is needed and appreciated”. Stumble This Post! If you like this post, please consider subscribing to my
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    Key To Happiness

    By Michael Moore | June 7, 2008

    What is the key to happiness? This is a question that most of us have asked at one time or another. It is our natural desire to want, so we believe if we can get all the things we want we will certainly be happy. As we move through life and work hard to get the things that we set our sights on, we discover that things are nice, and the achievement is satisfying, but they really don’t make us truly happy. Happiness and joy come when we change our focus in life and direct our thoughts and attentions on the needs of others. So the thought to consider is, unconditional giving of yourself is the best path for true happiness.
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